The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow.” R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER

  • Prevent stress related burnout and attain work-life balance
  • Reduce fear based obtrusive thoughts and anxiety (often related to unresolved core wounds)
  • Transform a toxic workplace into one that fosters psychological safety
  • Stop self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns of resistance
  • Feel more confident to communicate needs and boundaries, especially useful during difficult conversations
  • Rebuild lost trust within individuals, teams and entire organizations.
  • Live and work with a sense of purpose and fulfillment

Shawna enables great leaders & teams get extraordinary results by exploring the personal and relational challenges of navigating change and motivation.

Shawna Pelton

Shawna Pelton

​Specializing in Creating Change in the Subconscious Mind Body with Trauma Sensitive Bioenergetic, Psychedelic Therapy and Somatic Coaching.

Liberating Purpose -Driven Leaders from Toxic Patterns

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can mindfully guide you to

  • heal from a painful past and overcome chronic issues ​
  • change old patterns and put an end to self sabotage 
  • feel empowered to uphold personal boundaries when expressing your needs or providing direction
  • align with your life’s purpose to live with more meaning
  • navigate the terrain of change and uncertainty with a growth mindset
  • rebuild lost trust after failure or betrayal
  • develop conscious leadership skills so to build up others and fulfill your mission
  • foster a psychologically safe organization

then you’ve come to the right place!

Shawna has over two decades of experience reducing fear & uncertainty in a world of rapid changeguiding amazing clients to achieve remarkable results. 

My Philosophy


Each organization and individual is unique with their own wholeness that includes natural strengths and weakness’ (I refer to as qualities of light and shadow ☯).  When people find their way to me, they’re usually in a state of resistance, completely missing the root cause of their imbalances and wanting to fight against what’s “wrong” (shadow) or in denial of their potential for greatness (light). Unconsciously perpetuating the divide.

What we really seek is a return to that felt sense of wholeness by changing the subconscious patterns that keep people feeling and acting lost, limited, small. There’s a time tested proven framework to this process that’s been highlighted by every epic tale ever told. This is where I come in… as a trusted guide on that path of great change. Ensuring your safety and success.

It’s important to find a coach that’s a good fit. Let’s chat!

Setting up empowered conscious leaders for success


  • Coaching and Consulting Business Owners on Purpose and Leadership
  • Somatic Coaching on Overcoming Resistance
  • Psychological Safety & Mindset Workshop
  • Stress Rescue 8 week program
  • Psychedelic Somatic Therapy for Transformation


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Quantum SHIFT with Shawna

Doing THE great work of transforming yourself and making an impact in the world