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The greatest asset a business can have is its people, the stakeholders that drive the mission of a company forward.

The research is clear, nearly 90% of workers are reporting a mental health decline in at least one issue, ranging from stress and burnout to medically recognized conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

Even though many leaders are conscious of the impact this crisis has had on work performance and culture, it can be really challenging to know how to best foster fundamental wellbeing for an entire organization in this world of rapid change.

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This growing mental health epidemic isn’t just impacting team members, but business owners and c-suite executives are also challenged with having to navigate the uncharted terrain of these unprecedented times affecting work-life balance and the bottom line. Never mind having to respond to the personal and relational conflict that naturally occurs within an organization.

It’s A LOT to deal with.. and people everywhere are feeling overwhelmed and have grown weary.

Here at Rex Muto, our passion is in fostering growth by optimizing how people think, feel and act. Especially now in the face of uncertainty.

We’re here in the spirit of (r)evolution. As the world seemingly spins into a polarized descent, we can enable your organization to ground into its true north and be the champion for real impact in this new paradigm of leadership.

Imagine what’ll come as result of your business and stakeholders doing more than surviving these times, but thriving in every sense of the word.

Living a more balanced empowered life with a sense of fulfillment with work.

ALL of THIS and more is possible with the right support, systems and accountability in place. This is what we provide.

Discover the One Thing Conscious Leaders Know

Mental health claims are skyrocketing and work related burnout is on the rise. If you want to avoid toxic stress related issues at work, this video highlights the one thing you can’t afford to ignore as it relates to a healthy company culture.

The New Paradigm is Here

Our methods are based on the universal laws of how a business organizes around leaders, products, and services.

At the core is a fully integrated conscious leader. At the outer expression, is an organization that is a multi dimensional holographic integrated conscious business. 

Using leadership techniques and systems, you will move at a much higher rate towards your goals. Often, our internal programming gets in our own way. We see self-sabotage on all levels, whether it’s personal (within the leader), or built into the organizational culture.

Our system is based upon 3 Pillars.


The 3 Pillars:

Integrated Leader

Capacity to handle mental, emotional, and physical programs governing your life.

Conscious Communication

Includes language, self-sabotaging versus sovereign thoughts and words, and conversational intelligence.

Inspired Collaboration

Co-creating a meaningful impact in all areas by understanding the essence of your mission.


We help great leaders & teams get extraordinary results by exploring the challenges of navigating the conversational highway to activate higher level functions within the individuals as a part of an organization.

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Chris Whitcoe

Chris Whitcoe


As a Gulf war veteran with top-secret security clearance plus over 25 years of corporate consulting, Chris has seen leadership styles of all types. He is passionate about the rise of Corporate America as a vehicle for personal and global conscious transformation. READ MORE…


Shawna Pelton

Shawna Pelton


Shawna Pelton is a trauma informed Transformation Guide with 20 years experience in helping conscious leaders, change makers and purpose driven professionals attain fundamental wellbeing. Shawna provides everyday leaders with an opportunity to….(learn more)



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